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This house has a story...
19 April 2021 - 7:00pm (Monday) 
WWCGS General Membership Meeting 
(Zoom Webinar)
This event is FREE! Visitors welcome! 
This webinar will be recorded so that WWCGS's paid members who are unable to view it live will be able to view the recording later.
TOPIC:  Genealogy of a House

Our homes provide necessary shelter. Yet, where we live, shapes our lives - our history.

Including houses and property in our genealogical research, will give insight on ancestors. Property records include a vast collection of documents that may reveal details about our relatives.

Treating the house as an ancestor is likely to make connections, give information and to tell a story of the lives lived under its roof.

This presentation will focus on one house and the discoveries made about its inhabitants. Velaine Nagy will share techniques to search property records - moving from house history to “the genealogy of a house.”
We will learn the basics of interpreting county maps, property records and deed registration.

Property records unearthed research treasures for Velaine. Surprises such as wills, lawsuits, divorce information and business records were discovered.
The presentation will share resources, locations and tips for investigating this central character of our families’ history - the house and property. 

GUEST SPEAKER: Velaine Nagy, WWCGS Recording Secretary

Velaine Nagy has been intrigued by her diverse family history since childhood. Listening to family stories, asking questions and being the keeper of family memorabilia has been a life-long habit. This interest bloomed into the study of genealogy in 2010.

After retiring from teaching, Velaine turned her educational skills to investigating family history. She has discovered an ability in researching pieces of memorabilia - to uncover the stories, lives and community, connected with the artifacts.

Velaine is a member of WWCGS and serves as Recording Secretary, and is a member of the Transcription, Cemetery and Website Renovation Committees.

While relatively new to the genealogy world, Velaine is honored to share the discoveries she gained through researching property. 

2021 May 17th - 7:00pm
WWCGS General Membership Meeting (Zoom webinar) 
Registration information COMING SOON
This event is FREE! Visitors welcome!
TOPIC: Research Logs
Event description COMING SOON
GUEST SPEAKER:  Mary Hazlett, WWCGS Vice President & Former President
Presenter bio COMING SOON

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