Western Wayne County Genealogical Society

WWCGS Officers, Trustees, Committees

Officers 2017-2018
President: Mary Hazlett
Vice President: Steve Schwartz
Treasurer: Lisa Curlew
Recording Secretary: Marcia Korzeniowski
Corr. Secretary (acting): Barbara Krabbenbos
Immediate Past President: Al Wakenhut
Trustees 2017-2018
Trustee: Raul Rodriguez
Trustee: John Mills
Trustee: Harvey Dewitt
Committee Members 2017-2018
Programs Chair: John Mills
Webmaster: Steve Schwartz
Webmaster: Stephanie Smith
Webmaster - Assistant: Mary Hazlett
Membership Chair: Steve Schwartz
Hospitality Co-Chair: Marge Najarian
Hospitality Co-Chair: Charlotte Neary
Hospitality / Greeter: Rosemary Wood
Hospitality / Logistics: Raul Rodriguez
Newsletter Editor: Harvey Dewitt
Newsletter - Asst Editor: Lisa Curlew
Newsletter - Asst Editor: JoEllen Sousa
Librarian: Todd Bredin
Cemetery Committee Chair: John Mills
Query Response Team Leader: Mary Hazlett
Query Response Team Member: Lisa Curlew
Query Response Team Member: John Mills
Query Response Team Member: Georgia Clark
Society Delegates
FGS Delegate: Marge Najarian
MGC Delegate: Mary Hazlett
MGC Delegate: John Mills
HSM Contact Person: Steve Schwartz
Society Purpose
The purpose of the Society shall be to form a group of people interested in the exchange of information in one's genealogy, biography, and history. It will encourage and assist other interested persons in researching, compiling, and preserving, one's records of this nature.
Organization of WWCGS
The Society's Executive Board organizes current activities, initiates new areas of society involvement in its vision and is the revolving force of example for membership participation. The Board supervises the finances of the Society in keeping within the mandates of the members and the Society's By-Laws, and is responsible for administrative directions of its Standing Committees and the Special Committees.
Organizational Status
The Western Wayne County Genealogical Society is a Non-Profit organization.
Founded in 1976, the Western Wayne County Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization. WWCGS is governed by a Board of Directors and comprised of officers serving up to three consecutive one year terms with elections held annually in May. WWCGS functions through the volunteer efforts of its members. The society explores various methods of tracing ancestry and promotes education both for beginners and more experienced genealogists through speakers, workshops, and seminars, addressing topics of interest. The society also records and publishes material of interest to genealogists.
The society is a member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, a non-profit organization comprised of more than 500 genealogical and historical societies and libraries, representing over 200,000 individual genealogists. In addition, the Society is also affiliated with the Michigan Genealogical Council, a non-profit organization founded in 1972, with over 175 member societies in Michigan, representing more than 7,800 individual genealogists.
In addition to offering instruction to assist the family historian, the goals of the Society are to promote the gathering and exchange of methods and techniques for pursuing family histories and preserving public records of importance to genealogists. Any person who is interested in pursuing their family history is welcome to join the Society or to attend meetings as a visitor. Members are encouraged to participate in the many activities sponsored by the Society.