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Parkview Memorial - Livonia
(Wayne County)
34205 5 Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48154 USA
(734) 421-6120
This cemetery is also known as Park View Cemetery, Park View Memorial Cemetery, 
This is a work in progress. Not all names in the cemetery have been read.
23 Mar 2013: We have added Sections H & K2 (Bablyland) and Blocks A-7 & I.  If you find any errors please send an email to info@wwcgs.org. More sections will be added in the following months.
03 Feb 2014: We have added Section Memorial Hours to our site.
13 Feb 2014: We have added the Section Garden of Psalms to our site.
24 Feb 2014: We have added Sections Garden of Hours and Good Shephard to our site.
11 Mar 2014: We have added Sections A5, K, Devotion and Memory to our site.
24 Mar 2014: We have added Section Faith to our site.
19 Sep 2016: We have added Section Masonic to our site.
5 Jul 2017: We have added Section Cremorial Garden to our site. 
We would like to acknowledge the following individuals who so generously gave of their time to read the tombstones in this cemetery.
Jo Ellen “Jodi” Anderson 
Robert “Bob” Burk 
Ethel Cobb
Patricia Cockfield: Sections BB & BBA - October 2017
Joyce Cummings
Marilyn Detmer
The Eagle Scouts:
            Jack Kovsky
            Mason Halseth
            Kavel Patel
            Xy Ziemba
Jack Engebretson: Cremorial Gardens -July 2017
David Grotjan 
Susan “Sue” Hadden 
Brenda Halseth
Scott Halseth
Margie Harris
Marianne Hudock
Jack Ingebretson
Joanne Lambert
Joanne Lambert’s son
Annette Linn 
Elizabeth “Betty” McGuire
John McNeeley
John Mills: Masonic - September 2016
Charlotte Mitchell 
Kay Morley
Marge Najarian
Charlotte Neary 
Gloria Reeves
Helen Smith
Sharon Vitale
Debbie Wake
Yvonne Wake
Alan Wakenhut
Donna Yambasky
Parkview Cemetery Map