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The Western Wayne County Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee is composed of volunteers who have undertaken the project of reading and indexing interments in the forty-two (42) known cemeteries located in western Wayne County, Michigan. To date, volunteers have posted partial listings for Parkview Memorial Cemetery – Livonia, and Romulus Cemetery – Romulus. The Oakwood Cemetery in Norhtville, canvassed and documented by members of the Northville Genealogical Society from 2011-2015, is also available via a link to the Northville History Records website. Six additional cemetery indexes are currently in progress. As these indexes are completed, member volunteers will begin to record interments for the other township and city cemeteries listed below (alphabetically by township) with the following numerics:
          Livonia Township / City: # 19 - 49 
          Redford Township: # 50 - 99 (Future Project)
          Nankin Township: # 100 - 149 (Westland); # 150-199 (Inkster); # 200-299 (Wayne)
          Romulus Township / City: # 300-349
          Huron Township: 350-399 (Future Project)
          Northville Township / City: # 400-449
          Plymouth Township / City: # 450-499
          Canton Township: # 500 - 599
          Van Buren Township: # 600 - 649 
          Sumpter Township: # 650 - 699 (Future Project)    
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