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Tips from Michele Lewis, Legacy Staff

January 29 at 9:32am
TIP OF THE DAY - If you are switching from another program...

We get a lot of questions from people after they have imported their file into Legacy saying that their numbers don't match up. Legacy and the program you were using might count things differently so your file statistics won't be the same. For example, Legacy counts master events while RootsMagic counts every event. If you have a master event named Residence that is 1 master event as far as Legacy is concerned. If you have 15 Residence events in your file RootsMagic will count 15. People switching from RootsMagic might think that not all of their events transferred when they in fact did.

Your numbers may also be off when Legacy compacts the files and deletes references to things that don't exist anymore. It may look like you have fewer individuals and fewer marriages but the counts are actually the same. If you were to go back into your old program and compact the file (if your old program has that option) you will see your counts change.
January 17,  2016
TIP OF THE DAY (Legacy Staff) - A gem "hidden" in the Help File

Well, it really isn't hidden but most people wouldn't think to look for it. If you want to merge two files then you will want to read this first. Go to the Help File and type in the word Merging. You will see two entries.
Merging Family Files - Best Practices
Merging Family Files - Best Practices Summary

The summary list makes a great checklist and the regular best practices entry contain the step by step instructions.

When you get to the part where you need to actually merge individual people, you will want to go back to the Help File and type in the words How to. Now click on Merge Duplicate Individuals. There are a couple of links on this pages that you will want to read.
Merging Records (especially this one)

Now type the word Merge into the Help Index.
Merge Options
Additional Merge Options

Knowing what all of the options on the Merge screen actually do will give you better results.

If is VERY important that you understand how merging works before you try to do it because it can really mess up your file if you don't know what you are doing. That is why it is also VERY important you make a backup before you get started. Legacy will also make an automatic backup for you if you have this selected in the Options menu. This will give you an Undo Merge button on the main toolbar/ribbon if you make a mistake.

Options > Customize > 12. Other Settings
Option 12.5 Message Boxes
Turn on or off Optional Reminder Messages
Prompts/Reminders tab
Prompt to do an automatic backup before merging